Crossroads Tavern, located at 1205 Northstar Drive in north Bismarck might be at a crossroads as a business.

A special meeting was held this morning (Friday, May 31st) with the Burleigh County Commission.  This meeting was to determine if Crossroads Tavern would be allowed to continue with its liquor license, which is set to expire on June 30th, 2024.

After speaking with one of the members of the Burleigh County Commission, I realized that the future of Crossroads Tavern is very much in doubt.

As a bar anyway.  The Burleigh County Commission has decided to not renew its liquor license due to multiple incidents that have allegedly taken place over the last several years.  They include numerous incidents of fight calls to the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department, incidents of assaults, terrorizing with a gun, shots fired with a gun, and even domestic violence.

Crossroads Tavern is owned by Jake and Jocelyn Miller.  Another factor that weighed into the Burleigh County Commission's decision to not renew Crossroads Tavern's liquor license is the current pending legal cases against Jake Miller.  Please note, that Miller has not been convicted and he is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Does this mean the end of Crossroads Tavern as we know it?

I was told if Miller's wife Jocelyn is able to separate the LLC and get her husband removed from it, the Burleigh County Commission has left the door open for her to re-apply again for Crossroads Tavern's liquor license.

Crossroads Tavern also has the option to remain operating as a restaurant only without serving alcohol.

Only time will tell if Crossroads will shut its doors for good, and we will know by June 30th at the latest.

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