North Dakota is known more for quality than quantity when it comes to our lakes and rivers.

No, we don't boast about 10,000 lakes like our neighbor to the east, but we do have our fair share of beautiful bodies of water.

According to ND Tourism, North Dakota has about 400 lakes and rivers in the state. 

Some of them would rival any lake in Minnesota when it comes to quality fishing.  We have one of the best walleye fisheries right in our own backyard here in Bismarck.  I'm talking of course about the Missouri River.  Not to mention the beauty of the Big Muddy, which is home to unbelievable backdrops.

Lake Sakakawea is another incredible fishing lake that has anglers from all over the Midwest coming to North Dakota.  Devils Lake, the largest natural body of water/lake in the state is another incredible walleye fishery.  The lake is also very beautiful with its wooded areas around its shores.  I would take any of those three bodies of water over anything Minnesota has to offer when it comes to fishing.

So, how about "The Clearest or Cleanest Lake" in North Dakota?

Minnesota has probably got us when it comes to that.  Let's face it, with all the farming that takes place around our lakes in North Dakota, we tend to have our fair share of blue/green algae lakes due to the chemicals that end up in our waters.

However, there's one lake according to an article in "Only In Your State" that is the "bluest" of them all.  I'm talking about Audubon Lake which is about an hour up Highway 83 from Bismarck.  It's also one of our best fishing lakes in the state with plenty of Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass to keep you occupied.

I guess, I would argue Lake Metegoshe is a clearer lake, and maybe even Red Willow Lake, but we'll just go with it.  Audobon is worth the trip to camp, fish, or swim.  Here are some photos to prove it.

The Clearest Lake In North Dakota Is About One Hour From Bismarck.

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