I ran across a video recently on YouTube comparing the differences between North Dakota & South Dakota. 

To me, as a lifelong North Dakota resident it doesn't seem like there is much of a rivalry between the two states.  If anything, it would seem like we (North Dakota) have more of a rivalry with Minnesota than South Dakota.

Maybe that's because Minnesota barely acknowledges us in North Dakota.  I have a lot of relatives in the Twin Cities and it seems like we are an afterthought at best.

Getting back to North Dakota and South Dakota, here are some of the things we have in common:

Both are about the same size in land area.  The population is about the same as well but South Dakota is a little bigger.  882,200 to 760,000.  Currently, however, North Dakota is growing at a faster rate.

North Dakota has had a bigger population at times over the years.  Both states share the Missouri River.  Both have "badlands" west of Missouri.  Both states are mostly rural with lots of agriculture.  Both states' populations are "younger" than most of the rest of the country.

How about some of the biggest differences between the two?

North Dakota borders a foreign country and because of that, we have a bigger Canadian accent than South Dakota.  Try saying "about".  Does it come out like "a-boat"?

South Dakota has more thunderstorms and tornadoes.  South Dakota has two national parks compared to one in North Dakota.  North Dakotans make more money (oil).  South Dakota is a better state for business according to Forbes.  The poverty rate is lower in North Dakota.

The crime rate is lower in South Dakota.  North Dakota has more college degrees.  South Dakota has more tourist attractions.  North Dakota has more Vikings fans, while only eastern South Dakota cheers for the purple.

A couple of other notes.  North Dakota has better-looking people and we're a lot better in hockey.  Okay, the hockey part is correct anyway.

Here's the complete video comparing the two states.

This video is courtesy of Mr. Beat's YouTube Channel.

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