I was OK with doorknob states like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and cities like Chicago and Washington DC putting North Dakota on their travel restriction lists...why would I go to Rhode Island?

So Kansas has stepped in and put restrictions on North Dakota and South Dakota, yet per capita they ain't too far behind us...check the CDC chart here. North Dakota has a strong lead at number one, South Dakota stumbles to number two, and Kansas hopes to move up the charts from number thirteen...but they gotta get us out of the way first.

According to KELOLAND, Kansas, has now put North and South Dakota on their "restrict travel" list.  Meaning if any "Dak" were to want to tread onto the soil of Dorothy Gale, they would have to spend 14 days sequestered with the members of the lollipop guild.

The lollipop guild? Yes, the lollipop guild.

Gale was Dorothy's last name in The Wizard of Oz. Learned something right?

Point is...Kansas has put out a travel restriction for South and North Dakota!  I can understand South Dakota, but us too?  Not cool.

David Eulitt
David Eulitt

But, if I want to go to a Kansas City Chiefs game, are they going to try and stop me? Strangely enough, I have a ton of Bismarck friends that are RABID Chiefs fans!  Dolly, Mike, and Robin, I'm talking to you.  What are they to do?

Go to Missouri, because that's where the Kansas City Chiefs play.  Suck it Kansas. You hurt our feelings.

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