If the conclusion of Saturday's Kentucky Derby had you scratching your head a bit, you're not alone.

As the Louisville Journal-Courier notes, the race this year was a true anomaly. Moments after Maximum Security charged over the finish line, other teams cried "foul" alleging interference.

The judges agreed and declared runner-up Country House the actual winner.

The result made history in at least two ways: it was the first disqualification of the winning horse in the history of the race; and the eventual winner was listed as the second-longest-shot horse ever to win at 65 - 1.

And the story keeps developing: Maximum Security's owners announced they were filing an appeal, and that the horse would not run in the upcoming Preakness.

Even President Donald Trump weighed in, tweeting that Maximum Security was the victim of political correctness.

The experts differ on the ruling: Journal-Courier writer Tim Sullivan says "good call." Dan Wolken of USA Today says, "Unless you had a ticket on Country House at 65-to-1...what happened Saturday was nothing to celebrate."

Did you agree with the ruling? Let us know.

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