I had this joke texted to me this week.

"What does the Minnesota Vikings winning the Super Bowl and sex have in common?  You can't do either with Cousins."  Ha Ha.  A shot at my favorite football team and our quarterback Kirk Cousins.

That got me thinking.  What are the laws in North Dakota and our surrounding states concerning this subject?

Can you legally marry your first cousin in the Roughrider State?  Not that I'm considering such a thing, but enquiring minds want to know right?

I remember I had a first cousin who was actually in the Miss USA Pagent back in the day representing the state of California.  Again, I'm not saying I was interested in dating my first cousin, I think anyway.  Ha!

As it turns out, in some places across the country it is indeed legal to marry your first cousin and even have relations with that "rellie" before you officially tie the knot.  In stereotypical states like Alabama, it's game on for first cousins.

How about North Dakota?  Is Kissing Cousins Cool?

NOPE!  According to Data Mining DNA, it's absolutely ILLEGAL for first cousins to marry in North Dakota.  You are also not allowed to have sexual relations or live together with your first cuz.  First cousins once removed and other distant relationships are allowed to marry.  That means 2nd cousins and higher are in play.

And in case you're wondering, the state of North Dakota doesn't recognize first-cousin marriages that occurred in other states like Alabama where the union is legal.

South Dakota has similar laws as North Dakota concerning cousins.  In Minnesota and Montana, you might be more apt to run into children with 3 thumbs.  Why, because you are allowed to do the nasty with your first cousin, but you're not allowed to marry them, this is according to Inside Edition. 

Now you know, "kissing cousins" is FORBIDDEN in North Dakota.  Let's keep the gene pool growing folks.

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