A new email scam is targeting Netflix users claiming that their account's payment details need to be updated. If you should receive this email, DO NOT trust it.

The scam email begins with an alert notification at the top that says, 'Your account is on hold.' The email continues with a request for the Netflix account holder to update their payment details. By doing so, you would be voluntarily giving away personal identification information.

The picture in the tweet below is what such an email would look like.

Should you receive a fraudulent or suspicious message like this, police, as well as Netflix, suggest that you report the message to Netflix.

Netflix's Help Center describes in detail how to do that here.

On a less serious note, it's also unlikely that Netflix or any streaming service would use such a term of endearment as 'Dear' to address anyone with. We all love our Netflix, but it's doubtful the relationship is along those lines.


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