Peter Gabriel has released an early live version of his debut solo single “Solsbury Hill,” which appears on a new digital collection of rarities.

The track was recorded at the Bottom Line in New York on Oct. 4, 1978, a year after it appeared on his self-titled first album. It’s now part of Flotsam and Jetsam, which is available now.

You can listen to “Solsbury Hill” below.

“Over 60 tracks are featured, mostly all of which have been previously released physically, either on 7”, 12” or CD singles, soundtrack or tribute albums, but, with a few exceptions, are being released digitally for the first time,” said a statement on Gabriel’s website, which noted that the collection is split into three eras.

“The first, 1976-1985, covers the period from Peter first going solo to the end of his run of four self-titled solo albums. … The second, 1986-1993, are Peter’s pop-star years with music released around the albums So and Us. The third era is 1994-2016 and features remixes from the Up album, plus tracks used in various films and notable cover versions. It ends with Peter’s song ‘The Veil’, written especially for the Oliver Stone movie Snowden."

The collection also includes some previously unreleased tracks, like an extended version of "Slowburn" from the debut, a full version of "Don’t Break This Rhythm" (an edit was included on the B-side to "Sledgehammer") and a pair of songs featured on the Music Industry Trust Awards CD Uscita: "Curtains (Broad Mix)" and "Father, Son (Daniel Lanois and Richard Chappell Mix)." You can see the track listing below.

Peter Gabriel, ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ Track Listing
Part 1 – 1976-1985
“Strawberry Fields Forever”
“Slowburn” (Extended Version)
“Perspective” (Single Version)
“D.I.Y.” (Re-recorded Single Version)
“Teddy Bear”
“Mother of Violence” (Single Mix)
“Solsbury Hill” (Live at the Bottom Line)
“I Don’t Remember” (Alternate Version)
“Biko” (Remixed Version)
“Jetzt Kommt Die Flut”
“Soft Dog”
“Shock The Monkey” (Instrumental)
“Across The River”
“Kiss Of Life” (Live)
“I Don’t Remember” (Live Single Version)

Part 2 – 1986-1993
“I Have The Touch” (85 Remix)
“Sledgehammer” (Dance Mix)
“Sledgehammer” (Extended)
“Don’t Break This Rhythm” (Full Version)
“In Your Eyes” (Single Mix)
“In Your Eyes” (Special Remix)
“Big Time” (Extended Version)
“GA GA” (I Go Swimming Instrumental)
“Walk Through The Fire” (Single Mix)
“Biko” (Live)
“Digging In The Dirt” (Raw Stylus Mix)
“Digging In The Dirt” (Instrumental)
“Quiet Steam”
“Games Without Frontiers” (Massive/DB Mix)
“Steam” (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix)
“Steam” (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix Dub)
“Mercy Street” (William Orbit Mix)
“Blood Of Eden” (Special Mix for Wim Wenders Until the End of the World)
“Digging In The Dirt” (Rich E Mix)
“Kiss That Frog” (Mindblender Mix)
“Shaking The Tree” (Bottrill Remix)

Part 3 – 1994-2016
“I Have The Touch” (Robbie Robertson Mix)
“In The Sun”
“Shaking The Tree 97” (Jungle Version)
“I Grieve” (City of Angels Version)
“The Tower That Ate People” (Red Planet Remix)
“Animal Nation”
“Signal to Noise” (Gangs of New York Version)
“More Than This” (The Polyphonic Spree Mix)
“More Than This” (Elbow Mix)
“My Head Sounds Like That” (Röyksopp Remix)
“Sky Blue” (Martyn Bennett Remix)
“Growing Up” (Trent Reznor Remix)
“Growing Up” (Stabilizer Remix)
“Growing Up” (Tricky Instrumental Mix)
“Darkness” (Engelspost Remix)
“Curtains” (Broad Mix)
“Father, Son” (Daniel Lanois & Richard Chappell Mix)
“Courage” (The Hexidecimal Mix)
“I’m Amazing”
“The Veil”


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