With the Mega Millions Lottery still with no winner, and now looking to soar to nearly $1 billion, we have 10 options for you to consider, if you are feeling lucky. For just a couple of million, there is a lot of real estate that could be picked up right here in or near the Bismarck - Mandan area.

It is a New Year and that New Home is waiting for you.


Now in this day and age, it seems like the whole world has been turned upside down.  There are more jobs available than ever before but at the same time, living expenses have gone up, along with the costs of fuel, food, and energy just to name a few.  But if you still have the chance to live in the lap of luxury, we have 10 options for you to consider.  Oh yeah, by the way, it will take at least $1,000,000 to seize the deal!

What You Get

The big question is what can I expect to find and get for my seven-figure investment.  As you can imagine, dropping this kind of cash will require a view.  And not just a view of the neighbors, but a scenic view that lets you believe you are someplace else, experiencing your own little piece of heaven.  Most properties will give you at least 5 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, so entertaining and boarding your friends and family should not be a problem.

Toy Storage

Living space is one thing, but what about storage for all the toys, ie, camper, cars, the truck, a boat, or perhaps even the side-by-side?  These all come with ample garage space big enough to park the must-haves with room to hang the tools up on the wall and store the boxes full of Christmas decorations in the corner.

Act Now

So, if you are one of the lucky ones that may land the lottery, you better act now, and plan your walk-through before the next would-be millionaire gets there first!

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