What would you do for a big fat slab of brisket? Just how hungry must you be to steal a slab of really hot meat off someone's grill?

Mandan Police was called to Taylor Made Bar-b-que after someone scaled the fence and stole about $150 of brisket off the smoker. The discovery of the stolen meats was discovered Tuesday morning.

Think about how hot a smoker can get in order to cook meat. The meat thief stole the slab with his bare hands around 3 am Tuesday morning according to the security cameras. With his bare hands! This must have hurt and caused blisters, but then again, have you ever had Taylor Mades brisket? That is some really good stuff! Good enough to steal!

According to KFYR-TV, the meat stealing man was identified and the business decided not to press charges.

Dang, that's wanting some meat really bad! The brisket bandit!


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