Are you looking for something different to do this summer in Bismarck/Mandan? Tired of the same old routine? Looking to get your whole family involved? I've got the perfect solution - a nifty press release released by the City of Mandan describes a competition of you will, involving Mandan Parks and Recreation, Morton County Parks, and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.


Participants must complete challenges listed on the flyer to earn points. Those with the most points at the end of summer will be entered into prize drawings.      

How cool is this? An awesome way to get yourself and your kids away from video games, and get outside for some fresh air and fun. Look at it as kind of like a treasure hunt, or a scavenger hunt. Get your neighbors together and challenge them. The City of Mandan says that "This contest is a project of the Mandan Tomorrow – Leadership, Pride and Image Committee" - it all kicks off this Memorial Day weekend.

This is a unique, creative way to get yourself more implanted into Mandan. I looked at the list, and after reading just a few of the challenges mentioned, this event will open your eyes. Some simple observations I have noticed about this fun challenge, make sure your camera is up to speed - you'll need it. Whether you will be posing along with your buddies at County Park, or at the Travis Hilfer Archery Range. This is your chance to break out of a rut you may be in, expand your horizons and love every second of it.

The Summer Outdoor Challenge runs through Labor Day Weekend.


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