Don't let the title of this article fool you, it IS NOT clickbait, it's a real deal

Yes, I am aware of what "clickbait" is all about, and I assure you that THIS is not it. I have to admit though the second I heard about this I immediately wanted to know more - it all sounded too unbelievable. There is a law that was passed, signed just last Friday by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz that legalizes all forms of drug paraphernalia - according to Edward Krumpotich, the Upper Midwest Policy Lead with the National Harm Reduction Coalition. “It also legalizes all drugs contained in that paraphernalia defined as residual drugs” reported

So wait a minute, beginning in August it will be legal to have drugs on you in Minnesota?

That's what I assumed at first when I heard about this - this public safety also brings out several factors that some experts are saying a "new frontier of the war on drugs"  The fact is that people are still afraid to bring in used syringes for fear that they might still have some drug residue in them.

This is a battle against infectious diseases... coming forward people will no doubt be saving lives. Makes perfect sense - added "Northland harm reduction programs understand the concerns some have, but said it’s time to face reality: People are dying, and a change needed to be made. According to the CDC, syringe service programs lower infectious diseases by 50%."  Some say "This may be the first real step in facing Minnesota’s opioid crisis".  This is definitely good positive news.

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