This is a story about a happy two-year-old boy named Connor- living the life of a growing young 'spark plug' in Jamestown, North Dakota. Just last October his little world began changing, his eyes began to hurt, starting experiencing balance issues. This is when the family found out he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October. Doctors removed a brain tumor and since then he has gone through multiple surgeries, spent time in Fargo, and currently is undergoing chemotherapy at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This hospital can only handle so many patients - small bodies that are fighting through their ordeal.

This is also a story about two women that have joined together to bring an upcoming Valentine's Day EXTRA special. Erin Nieland, Jessica Fabian, and Connor's mom - Brooke all worked together at Sanford, in Jamestown. Watching Brooke and her family going through the painful, tense times with Connor, the two friends came up with a great idea, to get people involved and gather whatever they can deliver to a young man that will turn three this month. According to KFYRTV Jessica had this to say about Erin “Her sons wanted to send him Valentines and I’m like, hey maybe other people would like to get involved too. And I didn’t think it would get this big, but I love that it is, because it’s a good problem to have all the things they will get,”

Talking to Erin on the phone this afternoon, I could hear her passion,  "I can't imagine going through this"  Connor and his family have become personal for her, and she and Fabian shared on Facebook about a week ago their hopes in putting a smile on a special guy's face on Valentine's. There have been donations from teddy bears to cards, and whatever else coming in - and here is where you can get some information on how you can help - For those who live near Jamestown, you can drop off the cards at both Sanford Clinic locations in Jamestown through February 8th. There are long arms out there, people that have reached out from as far as Texas. This is truly a gift of support, friendship, and love, and with "Tears in her eyes"  Erin, Matt, her three boys, and Jessica will deliver all of that and more.


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