Neil Young has released a live version of “The Losing End” from the new archive release Songs for Judy, which is out today. The collection presents recordings from his 1976 U.S. tour.

The LP was assembled by journalist and movie maker Cameron Crowe and photographer Joel Bernstein, both of whom joined Young on the road that year.

You can listen to “The Losing End” below.

Bernstein had originally recorded the performances on cassette for personal purposes. “I immediately realized that making these tapes was, in fact, a great idea,” he said.

“I was soon raiding malls for whatever blank C-90 cassettes I could find along the way. The U.S. leg of this tour was brief (18 shows in 12 cities, 24 days), but the performances were at their best intense and thrilling. As the tour continued, the cache of cassette tapes grew, all of them filled with gems.”

“The shows were reckless and beautiful," Crowe noted. "The evenings began with an hour-long acoustic solo set from Neil. The acoustic portion of the evening morphed nightly, often fueled by a smoke or two just behind the curtain. After a break, Neil and Crazy Horse would return for a barn-burner of an electric set designed to level the place. They succeeded nightly."

Crowe added that he and Bernstein "listened and compiled" for days. "It was deliriously painstaking work," he said. "Wake up, eat breakfast, dive back into the recordings. Decide which of the 12 versions of 'Old Laughing Lady' was most essential. Repeat."

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