It's been a week since the 'Game of Thrones' season 7 finale aired and new research from Nielsen suggests that North Dakota loves the show just about as much as anyone.

Based on a ratings-period from the very first episode of 'Game of Thrones,' which aired April 17, 2011, through the airing of the fifth episode of season 7 on August 13, 2017, a solid 4.99 percent of households in North Dakota were watching the show live or on the same day. North Dakota holds the 6th highest percentage for such a statistic in the nation.

That may not sound all that astounding but think about the fact that the most viewed TV shows (Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, etc.) are typically listed at 4.0 percent of viewership.

Washington, D.C. beat out everyone in 'Game of Thrones' ratings at 7.48 percent, while Rhode Island and New Jersey followed with over 6 percent. Massachusetts and Maryland also finished ahead of North Dakota, with over 5 percent of households watching in those states.

It makes perfect sense for North Dakota to finish so high on this list. We can relate. We're like the 'North' on GOT. About eight months out of the year, it looks like 'Winterfell' here. I mean it is the capital of the North. It's like how Bismarck's the capital of North Dakota. But unlike Jon Snow, we do know something. It's already September and soon enough, "Winter is coming."


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