If Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield moved from Cruiserweight to Heavyweight during his career- what's stopping this aspiring actor/boxer from doing the same?  Fear would be a good guess...fear of former Minnesota Viking/Atlanta Falcon defensive end Ray Edwards.  

Let's read the story and watch footage of the fight below (the :19 fight!).

Nicholas Capes takes a dive, and as a result, was suspended by North Dakota's fight commissioner.  Wow...that punch wasn't even close to him.  At 200 pounds Capes looks pretty dinky next to the 270 pound former NFL monster Ray Edwards.  Did Capes even know who Ray Edwards was?

He was obviously not aware that just weeks before Ray Edwards KO'd some doughy dude in just 49 seconds.

Harry How/Getty Images

It seems clear to me in watching the fight that Nicholas Capes had no intention of getting hit ever.  I think if he would have just searched the Internet for images and info about Ray Edwards, he could have saved himself some gas and just curled up crying on his own floor.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Or maybe the only picture Capes had a chance to see was this one of Ray Edwards getting sexy in the suds.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images