A North Dakota farmer got help from a friend with a plane when he was working all day on his farm.

A video has gone viral of Nathan Howatt flying his plane back from Devil's Lake dropping off a Subway sandwich to farmer Mitchell Wirth waiting down below.

Howatt posted the video to Subway's official Facebook page. Subway shared the post adding in the comment, "Friend level: Expert. ✈️"

Howatt on his post said, "Had to fly to devils lake for a dentist appointment this morning, figured I better help out and drop a meal to a hungry buddy on my flight back home. Was still warm when he got it lol."

The video has now been viewed on Facebook nearly 7 million times as of this article. Howatt initially posted the video on Aug. 23.

I think we're all pretty jealous of Wirth that Howatt isn't also our friend. It's not every day that a friend will drop off a single sandwich for us via airplane.

The video was shot by Wirth and has been posted to our website with his permission.

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