There's a lot worse places to be in the U.S. to spend your latter years. Fortunately, North Dakota ranks as the 12th best state in the country to grow old in.

According to a study from 24/7 Wall St., North Dakota ranks well for a state to live in during your later years. The factors used to determine the ranking for each state were income, health, education, and environment. Along with being affordable, the amount of medical facilities, and social establishments make North Dakota one the best states to grow old.

Goods and services are down 8.5% from the national average, hospitals per residents are more than four times the national average, and with the amount of zoos, sports facilities, social advocacy groups, bowling lanes, and bed-and-breakfasts making up the fifth highest concentration of social establishment per resident, North Dakota is a pretty great place for anyone, let alone someone living out their days.

The following info gives you an idea of where the state ranks in comparison to others:

> Pct. of pop. age 65 and up: 14.2% (11th lowest)
> 65 and over poverty rate: 8.9% (18th highest)
> 65 and over bachelor attainment: 19.8% (7th lowest)
> Life expectancy at birth: 79.5 years (18th highest)

Overall, North Dakota is a pretty great state to grow old in.

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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