I checked on the North Dakota Department of Tourism website to see if the Be Legendary slogan had been replaced with something like Come Sell Us Your Lethal Shit. Fortunately, it has not.

But for whatever reason (money), North Dakota now find ourselves a destination for way-out-of-state poison dealers. Did they run out of people to kill in their own backyards?  Being so far away, did they think nobody was going to notice and shut them down?

They'd be wrong about that- congratulations to multiple law enforcement agencies for a pair of big busts!

This first one is a large operation moving drugs from Detroit to three different native american reservations in the North Dakota.  KVRR reports that twenty six people have been charged with intent to deliver $2.5 million in Oxycodone. 17 were from North Dakota, 8 from Detroit, and 1 from Kentucky.   Really an unprecedented operation as it involved 3 reservations at the same time. What's the Detroit connection? Money of course.  It's always money.

The second case crosses the Canadian border where a pair of canuks from Quebec are charged with fentanyl distribution connected to the death of an 18 year old Grand Forks resident.

Getting hooked on drugs isn't exclusive to 2021, but things do seem to be on a slide across the Dakotas.  Help where you can.  Support someone when you can.  And for goodness sake, put down the needle!

Let's take a peek at some killer narcotics!

Drugs That May Kill Someone Tonight

Stay safe y'all

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