Pesticides and herbicides may be messing up people's lives- should the government just butt out?

The North Dakota answer will always be an emphatic...


Oh look, the government brought a home baked apple pie and vanilla ice cream!


Sure, sometime's the government's no fun with all it's regulations and pork projects, but don't you think occasionally it's right for government to step in to support the well being of it's people?

No?  Tough crowd.

In my early years after I changed my car's oil, I dumped the sludge in the hedgerow back by the alley.  If nature could talk, it woulda probably thanked me and invited me over for a beer.  Oil comes from the ground right?

My dad would buy the outlawed pesticide Malathion in catch-all boxes you could get from auctions.  He'd spray it up in the trees while we all played in the mist.

My point is, there's a level of dumbassness that we all possess.  A little direction would be appreciated

But, maybe government isn't the answer...

North Dakota just passed legislation to curtail the rights future asbestos victims.

The Federal Environmental Agency is now at odds with itself over newly perceived shady practices within the agency aimed at keeping some Dicamba pesticide products off the radar.

At least a federal judge had the smarts to reject Bayer Corporation's proposed settlement in the Roundup settlement case.  Bayer already agreed to shell out $9.6 billion to 125,000 existing claims, but wanted to cap any additional liability for all eternity at just another $2 billion for any claims yet to be filed.

The judge said nope...maybe the law's looking out for us a little bit?

I know...


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