When it comes to dining out, are you looking for a place that is consistent, great service, excellent food? Well, The Peacock Alley is all of that and more. The restaurant business is tough, there are places that open up, and wind up closing just after a year or so. The competition is fierce, and the money it takes to maintain and stay afloat isn't cheap. Check this out, did you know that Bismarck's very own Peacock Alley on 422 E Main Ave, is the oldest and longest-running restaurant in the entire state of North Dakota? They opened their doors back in 1933 and have a perfect "Downtown Feel", to be around that long really say's it all.

Like everything in life, we all need a change, where it be simple or a complete overhaul, Peacock Alley is getting an upgrade, a boost in the arm if you will. Sometimes changes can upset certain individuals though, like customers that have frequented the charming place for years. The owner Dale Zimmerman is aware of that though, his goal is to NOT take away any history, but to spotlight the true beauty of Peacock Alley's appeal - a wonderful place with a trillion memories. This remodeling stint will be the most extensive, aggressive change in their 87-year run. Along with the planned "Facelift", some expanding will happen as well, like new restrooms and a bar in the basement. The restaurant will be closed until the NEW Peacock Alley greets us all in August. For more on this click here.


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