GoBankingRates.com released a list of 30 cities where you can buy a nice home for $100,000 or less and Minot made the list.Homes making the list vary from up-starts to rebuilds, so you need to made aware, the houses on this list vary from very impressive to homes needing a lot of work.

When you're home shopping, price is not the only factor when making a decision, but it is a major factor before purchasing a new home.

GRB surveyed various deals and searched the nation for cheap houses in every state and every community to come up with a list of 30 cities with houses for sale at or under $100,000.

While some house shoppers may find it difficult to find a house from under $100,000, GRB did find these deals.

The Magic City of  Minot made the list, one of 30 cities nationwide to find deals on houses under the $100,000 mark. Homes in this  range from teardowns to fully renovated houses with four or more bedrooms and lots of amenities.


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