Bound to happen again. Snow with the wind. We pray for not another blizzard for this record winter. However, it is being speculated by local weather meteorologists in the northern states, we are not done yet.

March is remaining roaring, keeping us all on our toes.

This week the speculation is blowing snow, travel problems.



Thinking back on the past snow days, we have put the pencil to the paper. Come up with fun activities, games, or ideas. Order these now, and you will be looking forward to a day home. A day home from school, work or an evening together with family & friends.

"Snowbound" or a "Rainy Day" would not be the worst thing in the world.

Besides, sometimes a "snow day" and a "game night" is just what the doctor prescribed. We may have not taken the good doctor's advice, but when living where we do, Mother Nature has a way of forcing that prescription on us all from time to time. Hence take advantage. Be prepared. Have a few tricks up your sleeves. Hide them away from the kids. Take that "Me Time" you have been needing the first opportunity you get. Embrace that time "Stuck At Home". There are lots of ways, but some of these more fun ones we felt were worth having ready for the next time "Old Man Winter" comes knocking and says, "No Travel Advised." There is no getting around that fact when you live in the northern part of the country. Blessed with sunrises and sunsets like no other and the Sun Dogs to go along with them.


Indoor Family Games to Game Nights to Creativity. These are the trending ways to get thru those times when the weather is not cooperating, and it's safer to say indoors.

If you have indoor activities we need to try, send them our way.

Embrace & Enjoy Winter

Seasons come and go.
This one too shall pass, so use your time wisely, instead Take Advantage.

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