The day after Christmas Day there was an outcry from Bismarck residents who were upset with news regarding the future of a well known light show in town.

According to a Facebook post from the individuals who put on the Chmielewski Christmas Corner Light Show, they implied that the show would no longer continue due to a 'new neighbor' that complained.

Many individuals cried 'Grinch' and 'Scrooge' and were asking, "where is their Christmas spirit?"

One of the neighbors involved in the crossfire of all this was Darlene. She requested we not use her last name. Darlene commented on some Facebook posts explaining some of the frustrations she had, which for what its worth had nothing to do with the light show itself, but more so with the individuals who would show up and view the light show.

Darlene has been living as a neighbor to the Chmielewski light show for four years now. She says that she is not the 'new neighbor' that asked that the light show end at 11pm.

We reached out to the Chmielewski's for comment but they have not responded yet. But we did talk with Darlene, and you can hear the interview above, about some of the issues she has regarding the light show.

Darlene would like to find a way for the light show to continue and understands how important it is to the community. However, she wants people who view the light show to be more respectful of the neighbors.

As far as the neighbor that was referred to in the Chmielewski Facebook post, we don't know who that is and how that neighbor feels about the light show potentially continuing into the future.

We asked the Chmielewski's if they had any definitive plans for the future of their light show, but as mentioned above, they have yet to respond.

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