Many years ago, United Airlines had the slogan, "fly the friendly skies of United", seems like a flight to Williston was anything but friendly.

According to KFYR-TV, passengers on a flight from Denver to Williston were compensated for their flight because the flight attendant appeared to be drunk or under the influence of something.

United Airlines is calling it a "concerning incident" involving a flight attendant on the Trans States Airlines flight 4689, Thursday afternoon. (May 3)

Passengers on the flight took to social media posting the flight attendant was drunk and disorderly. During the pre-flight safety announcement, the attendant said "'if your seatbelt isn't tight, you F^*%ed up.'

Several passengers complained to the captain of the flight and the Williston Police Department confirmed, they did respond to a call of a drunk and disorderly person aboard that flight.

At this point, no arrests were made and the investigation continues.

Seems like, because of the flight attendants actions, the passengers received compensation for their drunk flight attendant.





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