You might be surprised to hear that jellyfish are floating around in some nearby lakes.

A post was made on the Minnesota Fishing Facebook page where it shows one of these jellyfish on camera. Take a look:


Freshwater Jellyfish Are A Thing?!

It appears so. As a person who is very fascinated by the creatures, I'm disappointed that I am just now learning this. Am I the only one who thought these majestical jelly globs only existed in the ocean?

Freshwater Jellyfish Also Called This

According to the USGS website, Freshwater jellyfish are also known as "Craspedacusta Sowerbii." -- Say that five times fast. They've also been called "Peach Blossom Fish," according to this source.

The Big Difference

According to the Minnesota Fishing Facebook page, freshwater jellyfish are a little friendlier than the ones you might come across in the ocean.

While freshwater jellyfish do have tentacles (5 to 500, to be exact), they don't sting you.

In the comments of the Minnesota Fishing's Facebook post people said these jellyfish have been spotted in Minnesota lakes for decades, and can be found in Kettle Lake, Leech Lake, Little Fork, the Lower Minnesota River, Lower St. Croix River, and Vermillion.

How Did They Get There?

According to the USGS website, freshwater jellyfish didn't end up in our lakes on their own. They were transported from China with ornamental aquatic plants. Records show that they've been spotted in the states dating back to 1880.

Are There Any In North Dakota Lakes?

As of right now, no. Freshwater jellyfish have been found in 44 states total, according the

My Jellyfish

Naturally, I couldn't make this article without sharing a few of my own jellyfish pictures. Here are some I took at a Minnesota aquarium. Enjoy!

Andi Ahne
Andi Ahne
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