According to ABC News, a large bank vault located underneath Prince's Paisley Park estate and containing large quantities of previously unreleased music recorded by the late icon has been drilled open.

Reports state that the appointed administrator of the estate, Minnesota's Bremer Trust, had no choice other than to forcibly drill open the large repository as Prince was the only person who knew the key code to unlock it. Allegedly, the Grammy Award-winning musician left behind enough new music that an album could be released each year over the next century.

In 2012, the artist opened up about his precious catalogue of unheard music on The View, telling the hosts of the show, "One day, someone will release them. I don't know that I'll get to release them. There's just so many."

Speaking to Good Morning America, Susan Rogers, the artist's former sound engineer, spoke of the unreleased tracks. "We could put out more work in a month than most people could do in a year or more," she claimed. In another interview, she revealed that the vault pre-dates Purple Rain's 1984 release, and that when she stopped working with Prince in 1987, the vault was already "nearly full."

Unfortunately or fortunately — whichever way you see it — it's still unclear whether or not the unreleased songs will ever be released to the public. At the time of his death, the "Purple Rain" singer had no will.

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