It's that time of the year! Bismarck, Century, Legacy, and Mandan are all getting ready for prom. 

I was listening to a group of high school girls discussing dresses for this year.  Shopping with their mothers and friends. Some were shopping local, some going online, but all trying to find just the right dress. 

One young lady commented that a classmate purchased a dress for $700. Wow! That is equal to my house payment. Times certainly have changed from when I went to prom many years ago. I bought my dress during crazy days at Kirkwood Mall off a clearance rack!

Prom can get expensive with hair, makeup, nails, flowers, dinner, and tuxes for the boys. However, it is a day and night filled with memories that will last a lifetime. So, prom goers, let mom take pictures (yes she needs at least 5!). Have fun, be safe and cherish those memories!