The Fourth Annual event is on Tuesday, July 2nd.

The Mandan Saddle Club area will be hosting the fourth annual installment of rodeo riding with special needs children this summer.  It's a great opportunity to take advantage of the extra care and safety that goes along with having a special child ride a horse.

Competitions and activities include :

  • Stick horse barrel racing
  • Riding a stationary bull
  • Learning to Rope
  • and Meeting rodeo Queens.

Here's the official word from Facebook :

When: Tuesday, July 2nd @ 2: 30-4: 00pm
Who: Remarkable Children with special needs, ages 4-14 years old
Where: The Mandan Saddle Club Arena

▫️Spots are LIMITED! ▫️ Preregistration is Required▫️

Contact Brittany Shock
@ 701-220-9310 or

June 14 🇺🇸 Please like & Share our Mandan Rodeo Days Remarkable Kids Rodeo Facebook Page to stay up to date with our event! 🐴

It's great to hear about these types of events so if you have or know someone with special needs child, let them know about it!


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