I remember seven years ago when I moved to Fargo, North Dakota, I was trying to get used to the MAJOR weather change - temperatures almost all year round in the '70s (San Diego) to "If you don't like the weather wait five minutes". I'll never forget the first day that I was about to drive to Grand Forks, my roommate says "Hey you need to wear a thicker jacket than the one you have on...take mine" - as he is attempting to lend me his NDSU Bison garment, something smelled fishy - I politely denied his overzealous offer for me to put on his coveted prize. About two hours later I found out for myself the intense rivalry that the University Of North Dakota and North Dakota State have with each other.

This weekend. at the Fargodome, these two will meet. The 4-1 Bison hosting the undefeated 4-0 Fighting Hawks - ranked third in the nation. The amazing streak of 39 straight wins by NDSU was recently snapped by Southern Illinois last month. The dominance that the Bison have shown in football is no secret, and the University of North Dakota enjoys the same kind of success in hockey. The end of the Bison run by S.I. to some people spells out a season that NDSU is not used to, being the underdog. Who will WIN the bragging rights after this Saturday? A NICKEL for your thoughts?

Funny that I brought up that five cents because the real tradition is sitting pretty, all 75 pounds and two-inches thick, here in Bismarck. The giant nickel was presented to the winner of the UND/NDSU football game between 1938 – 2003. In 2017 the legislature ordered the trophy be displayed at the Heritage Center. NDSU is riding a two-game winning streak over the Fighting Hawks (Since 2015), However, North Dakota has the overall edge 62-47-3. According to Wikipedia,  It has been the object of many thefts and "kidnapping" attempts by students from both universities.  The Trophy retired after the 2003 season. Upon renewal of the "rivalry" games being played in 2015, the trophy remains retired and sits at the Heritage Center in Bismarck. 


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