I've always been scanning news stories for as long as Ask Jeeves has been on the internet. (now simply Ask.com). I kinda pride myself of being in "the know" about things.

So how was I completely unaware of the push for ROAD TRAINS in North Dakota? What the heck is a ROAD TRAIN?  Well, it's a super horsepower truck-trailer combo that originated in Australia and can feature FIVE TRAILERS ON THE ROAD TRAIN!

I didn't find a picture with that many trailers...

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BUT I DID FIND A YOU TUBE VIDEO!  Skip the ads in the beginning and start at the 2:00 mark.  We'll wait...don't watch the whole video because we're waiting y'know?

So you're in Mandan and your butt end is in Bismarck..

Reason I'm saying I've not heard of it...is because EVERYBODY has been reporting on it! The oil patch is down on trucker numbers.  Back in the end of July, KFYR-TV reported...

To make up ground, the state legislature is teaming up with its neighboring states to form a National Road Train network.

Yep, seems that according to the story the Governor is sniffing around the idea too. In Mid-August The Grand Forks Herald chimes in with this report

This winter, North Dakota legislators are expected to consider several pieces of legislation to move forward with so-called road trains, uncapping the length and weight requirements for big rig trailers on the state's highways.

Well then, what say you again Bismarck?  KXNET reported now at the end of September...

If passed and signed by the governor, the pilot program would include no moving of hazardous materials like oil and the length of the trains would be far less than those used in Australia.

I really don't have an opinion on this because I have no idea how people can currently drive those two-trailer trucks from town to town and INTO TOWN. It's just insane.  I've told this story many times- if you sent me to prison, double-trailer truck driving would not be my "work release" is would be my sentence. Good lord, y'all that drive them have nerves and awesome skills. Takes me forever to back a short trailer at the city dump.

Scenes Of Outback Queensland, Australia
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Are they going to be allowed on two lane roads?  That would be a highway pass maneuver that would be hard to get out of when some Subaru is in the other lane about to light you up!

I-94 has two curves between here and Fargo.  Seems like an OK place for a ROAD TRAIN!


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