Visit the hectic Roseau Elementary School in Minnesota, for a deer that wants the heck outta school.

Teacher don't ya mess around with the rules, everybody knows that does ain't allowed in school!  See what I did there with deer kinda "does", like Bambi's mom? Unfortunately we can't see the moment where the deer BUSTS through this Minnesota school window, we can react along with the smart thinking school staff, on how to best get the deer- OUT OF THE BUILDING!

A deer is still an animal that's way stronger and dangerous than your average office occupier. This ladies seem to realize that pretty quickly, and commit to altogether getting the (bleep) out the way! (schoolkids, don't repeat that)

Can you imagine celebrating the end of the school year. and some random big wild animal comes crashing through your window?

It will literally change your day...Here's video from the Roseau  Elementary Facebook page

I know what really bugged my mom was when either my sister or I, on the last day of school, would end up bringing home the grade school classroom pet project. Could be a mouse, hamster, gerbil...generally a rodent of some sort.  Bringing home a deer would have been a big ask for a 2nd grader, but I will say, the McGowans do love a freezer filled with venison. Flour, salt, pepper- fry it in butter and keep it simple y'all.

Make sure you send that link to all your teacher friends and ask if they have done the same or would it have been detention for the deer.  C'mon it was the last day, give a deer a break!

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