Another day, another Trump administration gaffe worthy of Arrested Development or Veep. It’s the latter’s case this time out, as Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s insane Hitler gaffe gets the Veep closing credits treatment, and even the cast agrees it’s too on-point.

YouTube user Dan Ketchum put together the Veep mashup, which splices together scenes and music from the HBO series with Spicer’s horrific assertion that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons in the same manner as recent Syrian attacks. The comments have drawn widespread condemnation and multiple insufficient apologies, but the Veep cast at least agrees they fit right into their world:

That said, current Veep showrunner David Mandel downplayed SXSW expectations that the upcoming sixth season might take aim at Trump or his team:

There are the occasional jokes, but we’re not SNL, and if we try and make a joke about Trump on Veep it will be old by the time it airs. For us, tragedy plus time equals comedy.

In the meantime, Veep Season 6 will premiere this coming Sunday, the trailer for which you can find below.

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