Did you know that there's a shipwreck from many years ago close to Bismarck, ND? I had not heard of it until recently seeing pictures on Facebook of people going to look at it. The ship is a steamboat called the Abner O Neil and it was carrying wheat from Washburn, ND to Mandan, ND when it sank. According to KFYR-TV it sank in 1892.

The low water in the Missouri River had exposed the wreckage and would be really cool to see in person. The Facebook group Yakkers is where I first heard about the ship. The ship is located at Steckel boat landing near Wilton, ND. Many of my friends have asked me why don't they get it out of the water? I think that wouldn't be a bad idea and put the ship wreckage in a museum or maybe at the North Dakota Heritage Society?

It's crazy to think that they used to use Steamboats on the Missouri River. I know that steam-power was all they had years ago but it's just crazy to think about it. Many people have been talking about the shipwreck and want to go take pictures of it. Have you ever had the chance to see the wreckage of the ship? Did you know about the Abner O Neil? I didn't know about it until I saw people posting pictures of it. With the low water levels now is the perfect time to go see it. Just remember where it's at or it can take your lower unit out if you hit it!


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