As if you weren't aware already, as evidenced by today, Bismarck, ND is cold. It has now been labeled as one of the coldest cities in America.

According to a new study from 24/7 Wall St., Bismarck is the 8th coldest city in America. The data is gathered by using such determining factors as the coldest month since 1981, record low temperatures, average annual snowfall, average wind speed, along with how long during the winter months the average temperature is below freezing.

The following data reads as such:

Bismarck, North Dakota
> Normal low in coldest month: 2.2° F
> Lowest temp. on record: -44° F
> Annual avg. snowfall: 45.3 in.
> Avg. wind speed: 9.4 mph
> Population: 66,980

The cities beating out Bismarck, ND are as follows: 7) St. Cloud, MN, 6) Aberdeen, SD, 5) Duluth, MN, 4) Fargo, ND, 3) Williston, ND, 2) Grand Forks, ND, and 1) Fairbanks, AK being listed as the coldest city in America.

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