I saw this video for the first time yesterday afternoon, and for the next 45 minutes, I couldn't think of anything else. The sounds echoed in my brain, I tried to fathom what I had watched. Usually, this would have destroyed my day, heck, my week. Let me set the scene, In Estero, Fla a man by the name of Richard Wilbanks sets out for a nice walk with man's best friend - his puppy by the name of Gunner. On a calm Sunday morning in late October, doom was in the air. The duo walked past a pond near their home, and suddenly in an instant, a four-foot alligator darts out of the water took Gunner into its jaws and, plunged back in.

Now let me stop real quick, what would YOU do? Do you think without hesitation, you would put yourself into MAJOR danger and try and save your pet? Do you take a second or two, to imagine what it would be like to lose a finger or two, or maybe a whole hand? This is where the video begins, and a hero unravels for all to see. The video is not that long, but man the agony seemed forever. The sounds of the puppy was clear and violent, and that's what affected me the most. USA TODAY captured Richard's words perfectly “It was like a missile. We were only about 3 feet away from it, but it struck like a snake. It had Gunner in a vise grip and I just rushed in".


The greatest news of all, Gunner went to the animal hospital where a puncture was located, there were no internal injuries - x-rays showed only some water in the pup's lungs.

Once again. what would YOU have done?

For more on this click here. Warning though, the video is graphic and disturbing HOWEVER it has a happy ending!!!!!!





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