According to a shooting occurred at the Mall of America earlier today (August 4th). This source claims the suspect fled the scene on foot and has yet to be apprehended.

The Lockdown

After the shooting took place, the mall went on lockdown until approximately 5:40pm. The lockdown has since been lifted, but the mall is now closed for the remainder of the evening, according to CNN. Here's what the Mall of America tweeted:

Where The Shooting Occured

Fox9 reported that the shooting took place outside of the Nike store. Several officers responded to the incident. The Bloomington Police Twitter page put out the following tweet:

As mall goers were locked down, many of them tweeted. Here's some of the tweets:

Someone else shared of video of people fleeing the mall.

Here's another tweeted video after the incident had taken place:

Victims & Investigation

According to the Bloomington Police Department, authorities have not located a victim and an investigation is currently underway.

The Mall of America closed its doors for the remainder of the evening.

Our Neighboring State

This is very unsettling to hear as many North Dakotans visit the Mall of America. As a matter of fact, I was just there a little over a month ago. I can't imagine what it would've been like hunkering down in the back of a store with my loved ones.

It's something you never really expect to happen to you. A day of fun and shopping turned so quickly into a nightmare. It's unimaginable.

I'm grateful to hear that no victims have been found at this time, and hope they find the suspect quickly.


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