We see you sneaking that amusement park proposal into the state Commerce Department's budget while your mother and I were watching TV.  Now go to your room!  (sound of Jamestown stomping off/door slamming)

Now wait, let's not be so hasty.

True story.  Snuck into the budget is a $65 million proposal for loans and grants for a locally run amusement park off Interstate 94 near Jamestown's Buffalo Museum. The Associated Press reports that some of their legislative colleagues are not amused.  Or they think it's a joke, and they just don't get it.  Either way I'm here to speak in favor of North Dakota's Disneyland!  Yup, that's what Montpelier Rep. Craig Headland says people are calling it.

Through bipartisan legislation passed last week, North Dakota's Legacy Fund has recently opened the vault door to start assigning loans to projects across the state.  I would qualify ND Disneyland as a road project as it would add something to one desolate stretch of road between Bismarck and Fargo. That drive is sooo boring.

It's not just Jamestown area legislators approving the amusement park on the prairie, it's Bismarck GOP Rep. Mike Nathe who said it fit's the intent of investing in North Dakota.   Maybe it does.  Nine million yawning drivers cover that stretch of interstate each and every year.  Stopping only for gas and beef jerky.  So why not instead swing into Buffalo City Park (not the official name, and nor should it be) grab an elephant ear, ride the roller coaster, get harassed by local carnies, and get back on the road!

There's always the wet blankets that never want to have any fun.  They just want to use  money to fix stuff and be all responsible all the time. Isn't there any room for even a little fun at the taxpayer's expense?  Probably not.

Nice try Jamestown!

Let's read on maybe President Biden mentions roller coaster road redemption in his Needs Plan For North Dakota.



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