One of the all-time greatest sketches in Saturday Night Live history is the “Star Wars Auditions” from 1997. With Special Edition fever raging through the country, the cast of SNL and host (er) Kevin Spacey, played a bunch of 1970s stars auditioning for the original Star Wars film. Unfortunate host aside, the sketch still holds up as an absolute classic. And SNL has brought back that format several times, mostly because it’s a great way to get a ton of celebrity impressions into a show.

On this weekend’s episode, hosted by Bill Hader, we got to see the current SNL stars tackle the auditions for Jurassic World. (Fun fact: the original Jurassic Park is older in 2018 than the original Star Wars was when SNL did that first batch of Star Wars auditions. Because we are all old and time is coming to destroy us.) There are some pretty great impressions in here; Hader’s Alan Alda is great, of course. But I think Kenan Thompson’s Sinbad is my favorite. I just really want to see Sinbad run from dinosaurs without stopping his standup routine for a second. I guarantee that would be a much better movie than Jurassic World.

And hey don’t forget: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in theaters on June 22! Maybe Saturday Night Live can have more Jurassic audition tapes then. Can Bill Hader come back and do Chris Pratt?

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