So are you a weekly lottery player? Do you play the same numbers EVERY time? I mean, it has to pay off for you someday, right? Some people will go their whole Lifetime avoiding taking a chance to win big. After all, let's be honest, the odds are definitely not on your side - one in 292.2 Million to win the jackpot. Still, though, we keep playing on a regular basis for the hopes that "Someone has to win, why can't that be me?". has just reported that a ticket was sold at a Cash Wise Foods location here in Bismarck and that the lucky set of numbers ( four plus the Powerball ) were drawn last Saturday, and the prize won was doubled because the lucky winner had purchased the Power Play option - someone is $100,000 richer. There is just one small thing, nobody has come forth yet to claim the dough.

The next drawing for the North Dakota Powerball is tomorrow night - that will be for 22 million dollars. I've searched all through the rules, and I don't see it written that you can't WIN in two consecutive drawings - so what do you think the odds now would be, if that same mysterious - he or she, who hasn't claimed the $100,000, go back to Cash Wise and this time get all the numbers right? Who knows, anything could happen, and if it does, then we have proof positive evidence that a time traveler is hanging out here in town. For more on this story click here


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