The new 'Unicorn Frappuccino' from Starbucks is the talk of social media. Yet, so far, the reviews are less than desirable.

Normally, I'm a big fan of all Starbucks products, pumpkin-spice excluded (that's a whole other story), but yesterday, it was impossible to escape anyone talking about the new Starbucks drink throughout my social media newsfeeds. Several colleagues of mine in the radio realm posted videos showing their taste-tests of the new drink. I have yet to come across any of them that were positive.

For example, a friend on Facebook made this post.


Another friend made this post (note the "13 Reasons Why" reference):


These reviews were alarming, so I decided to attempt to purchase one for myself at the local Bismarck Starbucks. First, I ventured to the location on 12th Street to find this:


This unsuccessful attempt did not sit well with me, so I decided to go to the 3rd Street location. That's when I saw this:


I made a third attempt at the location on Century Avenue, and they were out of the drink as well. No sign.

At this point, I think I'm just going to take Twitter's word for it:

There are also health reasons taken into consideration.

And yes, it's true, the drink is equivalent to the ingredients of three Snickers.

While the personal verdict on this drink is still out, and it's probably not the healthiest or best tasting drink that Starbucks has come out with...hey, at least it looks cool.


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