Record-Breaking Bike Night
OverĀ 200 bikes rolled into Hooters for the finale of Bike Night. The turn out was huge and the weather was perfect as everyone celebrated the end of the inaugural season of Bike Night from Townsquare Media family of radio stations.
Yet Another Great Bike Night
After a stretch of bad weather dampened the first few weeks of Bike Night, the last month and a half has been absolutely phenomenal and tonight was no different.
Sun Shines at Bike Night
It's been a rough few weeks for the riders that attend Bike Night at Hooters, but we finally got a great night tonight at the bikes came out in full force.
First 'Bike Night' in Bismarck
This is one of the reasons I love my job! Bismarck ROCKS! The first ever BIKE NIGHT at Hooter's was an unbelievable success with over 150 bike through out the night. Every bike you can imagine from trikes, Harley's, crotch rockets and customs.

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