Tattoo You!
With only two Bike Nights left in 2015, we felt like we should do something special on the second-to-last night! So, we had an ugly tattoo contest!
Where Guys Should NEVER Get A Tattoo!
Gotta be honest with you--not a fan of tats!   I don't have any and I don't find them particularly attractive on a woman.  IF it's a little something on an ankle or shoulder--that's ok.  But I've seen the lower back tattoos on women--referred to as "tramp stamps," and see a woman with a st…
Henna Tattoos–BEWARE!!
I'm personally NOT a fan of tattoos--especially on a woman.  It distracts from her natural beauty and I know it's just a personal preference.  Getting a temporary henna tattoo can be a great way to express yourself or piss off your parents, but the joke may be on you if you&Close…
Love At First Tat
Wow---when I heard about this I had to check it out and looks like this wacky story is true.   Girl meets guy, they go on a first date, and right after that this 19 year old girl tattoos the guy's name on her face.    Is this NUTS or what?