An alert School Resources Officer made an arrest near South Central High School on Monday, October 9 according to the Bismarck Tribune.

Getty/ Ethan Miller
Getty/ Ethan Miller

The SRO saw a pot pipe in clear sight in a car near South Central High School and stopped the driver of the car on the street near the school. Apparently, two Legacy High School students were also with the driver, Zack Cole Roller, 18, from Bismarck. Upon searching the vehicle, authorities found 7 grams of weed and drug paraphernalia.

Roller was forthcoming with the SRO, informing him that he smoked weed earlier in the day, and he only deals in a small amounts of drugs, and that he had a loaded gun in his pocket.

According to a spokesperson for Bismarck Public Schools, Roller is not a student enrolled in the system.

Roller was arrested on various drug and weapons charges.

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