I must admit, there are times when you just have to have that little delicious mountain of joy called the cupcake. And if you're going to splurge on the little cake wrapped in a paper cup, you might as well have the best in the state!

Spoon University.com published a list of the best cupcake in every state in the country and good for you and me, they gave the honors to a local bakery in Bismarck. This means, we will not have to travel very far to get the little mound of joy!

Sweet Treats Cupcake Bar and Bakery recevied the honors for the state. Face it, a bakery that has the name 'bar' in their title has to be a winner! From personal experience, you can actually build your own cupcake from a wide selection of toppings to make your cupcake personalized. LOVE IT!

Sweet Treats is located downtown at the corner of Broadway and 4th Street.

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