In times when unity is needed more than ever, Thrillist has decided it's time for the country to celebrate the best things we have in each state.

Whether it's the people, great food, sporting events and teams, or amazing sights, each state has something to take pride in and something they can all get behind. In Alabama, it's the Crimson Tide, in Indiana, it's the Indianapolis 500, Louisiana has Jazz, Michigan has the Great Lakes, and Minnesota has Prince. As for North Dakota, we have Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Thrillest even referred to Theodore Roosevelt National Park as "the most underrated National Park Service in the U.S. The article highlights the Badlands and the diverse wildlife, while also giving praise to the national park by comparing it to "Noah's Ark."

Given the article and title given to the stellar national park, if you should happen to disagree with what was given the title of "Best Damn Thing in the State," that only means we have one, or perhaps, many more great things in North Dakota to be proud of.

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