We're blessed in North Dakota to have a good public school system and very good educators in place.

If someone were to ask you to name the best private school in the state, your answer would be?


Needless to say, not every family can afford a private school, but for some, they would prefer a private school education for various reasons. One major reason for a private school education is sometimes it's a factor for college admissions. Some private schools have better college prep classes for their students, some parents would say.

24/7 Wall St. recently published a list of the best private school in every state. The criteria for 24/7 Wall St. was with the assistance from Niche, SAT and ACT test scores and the percentage of students from private schools who attended college. Student-teacher ratio was  also examined along with racial and economic diversity.

Shanley High School & Sullivan Middle School, Fargo was named the best private school in North Dakota with a student population of 541 and an annual tuition of $6500.

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