There are just crazy laws still on the books in every state according to Good Housekeeping.

From time to time, you hear about these laws and you wonder if these laws are still on the books or if they are even enforced. Where did these laws come from? Why are they on the books and how did they become law?

For example, according to, it is illegal to sneeze on public transit in Ohio. But, what if you really have to? And if you cough in a facility or vehicle in Ohio, it could result in a $150 fine. You have to wonder how in the world state legislators came up with this law.

In South Carolina, a man can not propose to a lady unless he really means it. Under state law doing so would be a misdemeanor under the Offenses Against Morality and Decency Act. this could result in a fine and time in jail. You cannot be serious? What if the gentleman decides to change his mind? Is the proposal a binding verbal contract?

Let get closer to home in North Dakota. I found these crazy laws still on the books. In Devil's Lake, on New Years Eve, city law prevents you from setting off fireworks after 11 p.m., and the police can consider charges if you use pyrotechnics during unsanctioned times of the year. Seems as though you're safe on July 4th.

Another crazy law in North Dakota is, it is against the law to fall asleep with your shoes on. I don't know why, but it just is!

It would be interesting to research these laws and find out why they were implemented and why they still remain on the books today. One has to wonder if they are still enforced?

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