Tons of people use Instagram, the photo sharing service owned by Facebook. Let's take a look at the places in the North Dakota that appear most frequently across the social network.

USA Today combed through the data to see the most 'Instagrammed' locations in each state.

Some of the areas on the list are specific locations and others are just cities. With that being said, here's what shows up most on Instagram from North Dakota:

  1. Fargo
  2. The University of North Dakota
  3. North Dakota State University
  4. Ralph Englestad Arena (where UND hockey plays)
  5. Grand Forks

The data is not surprising. Instagram is used mainly by the younger generation and college students so there is no surprise that the most Instagrammed locations are on the campus of the state's largest universities or in the cities where those college campuses are located.

Of course many of the posts from those locations are fairly benign like this picture of coffee taken in Fargo (though admittedly that's a pretty cool photo).

We're not sure what the results would look like if it were expanded to the Top 10 but it would be interesting to find out how much areas like Theodore Roosevelt National Park end up on Instagram as well as other popular destinations across North Dakota.

Interestingly, despite NDSU and Fargo making the list, the FargoDome specifically did not make the list. Apparently people like posting more photos of hockey to Instagram than football. In fairness though, there's more hockey games played in a season than football games.

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