*Red alarm emoji* There is a new Ghostbusters trailer, which means any and all trolls should see themselves out.

Are they gone? Good. It continues to baffle me that so many people men are vehemently hating on and refusing to see Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake. In all honestly the first trailer wasn’t bad; I actually kind of liked it. Maybe it didn’t inspire awe or elicit excitement in the ways we’d hope from a reboot of a classic movie, but there are plenty of worse trailers out there. And personally, another Ghostbusters movie wasn’t what had me excited in the first place, it was the fact that four of the funniest people across film and TV right now were teaming up for a movie with Feig. The fact that they just happen to be women is irrelevant (though most of the sexist trolls think otherwise). After all, what person who enjoys laughter could truly say no to watching Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig and Leslie Jones all onscreen together?

The second trailer that dropped earlier this week received a more positive response than the already infamously disliked first, and it also featured some more humorous moments courtesy of Jones. But now there's a new international trailer, and I have no hesitancy in saying it’s the best one yet. In under two minutes it manages to give each of its four main characters a comedic moment, introduce Chris Hemsworth‘s hunky dimwitted receptionist, showcase the new bad guy, the new Ecto-1, two cameos and some Slimer action. But beyond packing all that into one short trailer, it stands out from the previous ones by actually spotlighting the funny women at the center of the movie and giving them more lines.

If you’re still opposed to seeing this movie and insist it isn't for sexist reasons, then you should protest every other remake, reboot and spin-off coming out. Plus, the movie hasn't even opened yet, so perhaps don't be so quick to judge that which you haven't seen. Ghostbusters opens July 15.

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